Cocovina Increases Cocopeat Production

Cocovina is pleased to announce that anticipated production Capacity of Coconut Fiber at our Ben Tre Facility for Mid-2016 is estimated to be 7,500 tons/Month. For Cocopeat, Mid-2016 production capacity is estimated at 8,000 tons per month, of which 4,000 tons, or about half of the total Cocopeat production, will be Low-EC Cocopeat, that is, Cocopeat suitable for use as a plant growth medium without blending.

Explore Cocovina’s State of the Art Facilities

Cocovina’s state of the art facilities at our plant in Vietnam are unlike any other in the region. Our proprietary drying system, designed in the U.S., runs on sustainable biomass, and are designed for 24/7 operation, even through the rainy season. Our polished office is world class, and not something you would expect to find in a remote area of the Mekong Delta.
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Cocovina Embraces Responsible Production

Cocovina’s green field production facility is unique to Southeast Asia, capable of providing year-round production uninterrupted by the rainy season. Our proprietary drying system, designed in the U.S., is fueled via renewable biomass, resulting in a reduced operational carbon footprint when compared to traditional hydrocarbon-fueled energy plants.
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Explore Cocovina’s Coconut Fiber and Cocopeat Products

Coconut Fiber – Our strong, durable and resilient natural fiber is rated second to none, and is highly suitable for consumer and industrial applications.
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Cocopeat – Sourced from local coconut groves in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, our product provides an excellent, renewable soil amendment having properties which far outperforms other growth media.
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What Sets Cocovina Apart?

Cocovina produces high quality cocopeat and coconut fiber for large-scale nurseries, farms and manufacturers. Our cocopeat and coconut fiber is a naturally-occurring byproduct of traditional coconut processing (these products come from the tough outer husk of the coconut, often discarded as a waste product). But that's just the beginning...

Our state of the art coconut processing facility located in the Ben Tre province of Vietnam is an industry first; in addition to reclaiming and processing coconut husks, the plant was designed to generate heat for the process utilizing waste biomass, in order to maximize production efficiency and significantly reduce energy consumption from the local grid, while providing a net positive impact on local community.

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  • The Land of the Coconut

    Land of the Coconut
    COCOVINA broke ground on its Vietnamese coconut processing facility on June 15, 2011. The greenfield facility, located on the banks of the Mekong River, represents a six million U.S. dollar investment ($6,000,000.00), and sets a new standard in coconut processing. (more…)...
Cocovina adheres to the strictest U.S. quality control standards & business practices.
Cocovina has been certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard