Cocovina Coco Peat for Animal Bedding

Coconut Peat for Animal Bedding

Coco peat animal bedding provides a soft floor layer for use in sheds.

Why coco animal bedding? Coconut peat is an economical and environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional straw bedding. It is soft, long lasting and has great moisture absorption properties. Plus, it’s free of fine dust particles, mold or pathogens.

Cocovina’s coco animal bedding benefits include:

  • Superior absorption rate when compared to conventional animal bedding.
  • Less need to change bedding.
  • Odor absorbing.
  • Brushes off animals easily.
  • Wetness results in a clearly darkens the product so spot clean-up is easy and fast.
  • Animals do not consume.
  • After use as animal bedding, the saturated Cocopeat can be used as an ideal soil conditioner.
  • Easily stored and handled in compact blocks.
  • Less Dust than conventional bedding.
  • Fungus and Bacterial Resistant. Our product is tested for E. Coli and Salmonella.

Cocopeat has become a popular material for animal bedding because of these many attributes, its cost-effectiveness, and it’s availability.

At Cocovina we strive to be the most reliable and efficient processors of coconut peat in the world.

Cocovina adheres to the strictest U.S. quality control standards & business practices.