Cocovina Short Fiber

Cocovina’s Short Coconut Fiber

Adds greater porosity to any growing medium.

The coconut husk is the source of Cocovina’s products. Processing the husk of the coconut produces two viable economically, organic, and environmentally responsible products: coconut fiber and coconut peat.
At Cocovina, quality control is en effect at every stage of production

Cocovina’s short coconut fiber is a by-product of the long coconut fiber production process. Similarly to long coconut fiber; short coconut fiber has a high lignin content resulting in a resilient, strong and highly durable fiber that is also remarkably light in weight. These characteristics along with coconut fibers inherent micro-capillaries make short coconut fiber an economical and efficient alternative soil amendment to any growing medium for added aeration and porosity.

We control the entire process from production to delivery, so we are able to provide a product that is consistent, of high quality, and always available. We recognize that quality control is paramount. Thanks to a state of the art facilities and careful supervision during the production process; our products are relatively free of weeds, disease, sand, and aggregate. This level of control during production allows consumers to reap not only the natural benefits from coconut fiber but also the benefits specific to Cocovina’s production process.

Short coconut fiber’s inherent benefits include:

  • A sustainable, renewable resource.
  • Light in weight, for easier handling and transportation.
  • Resilient, durable, and strong.
  • High water holding capacity
  • Excellent drainage
  • Slow decomposition
  • Absorbs water readily
  • Minimal instances of pests, weeds, or diseases.
  • Has a near odorless fragrance.
  • Retains rich color even after long use.

Benefits from Cocovina’s production process include:

  • Large production capability means constant availability.
  • Quality product retains its rich color even after long use.
  • Improved production techniques ensure consistent quality.
  • In-house quality control insures consistent quality year-round.

Cocovina’s short coconut fiber has many uses, including:

  • Soil amendment
  • Mulches
  • Mushroom casing
  • Compost amendment
  • Fuel

Cocovina strives to offer the highest quality coconut peat and fiber at a competitive price.

Cocovina adheres to the strictest U.S. quality control standards and business practices.